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Very Accurate and Helpful to Lock the Angle Ruler in Shapes, Patterns, and Templates to Copy the Imprint and Draw the Perfect Angle!


Get Precise Measurements Every Time


Easily occupy and duplicate complex shapes on wood, recreating shapes on stones, wood, tiles and glass.

The Six-Fold Hole Locating Ruler is the ideal angle measuring instrument for laying wood and tiles.



Durable and ergonomic. Made of aluminum alloy with durable metal knobs and bolts. It's sturdy and premium quality. Its laser engraved markings (inches & centimeters) is perfect for precise and accurate angle measurements



Multiple applications with accurate angle measurement tool. Set at 90-degree angles to space parallel pieces of wood, form into a T-Square to align your brick, even set your own distances for corbelling, any other project you can think of. Suitable for all kinds of work, woodworking, flooring, tiles, mounting glass, etc.

Easy to use. Just place the template tool ruler onto your work area, slide the rulers into the shape needed, and tighten the screws. The innovative, 6 adjustable arms can be used and create a custom stencil for cutting your work piece. Use it to mark tile, flooring, bricks, lumber, laminate, metal & more!



Portable and easy to store. Its lightweight designed for handy use and can be folded for easy storage. A must have tool in your box!


Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS Plastic

Size (cm): 31 x 5.5 x 2.6

Color: Black


1 x Six-Fold Hole Locating Ruler