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  • Resistant to bite & Play by the dog itself
  • Lasting-value for 3 mouthes at least
  • Clean teeth & Enhance bite force
  • No harm to the dog
  • Protecting household items

Make Dogs More Happy & Healthy - This toy is more flexible, strengthens bite, cleans dog mouth and prevents disease. When you go to work or in private, the dog can play by himself and stay away from loneliness.


Why your Dogs and Cat need this now!

Proven to relieve anxiety - Our luxury dog bed is proven to relax your dogs. This concept is known to therapists who use it to help ease anxiety. The raised rim creates a sense of security. Which allows your dogs to calm down faster, and relax.

Extra Comfort - They love to curl up. The raised rim provides head a neck support while the soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief

Washable - The luxurious bed is easy to wash, in the washing machine and the dryer (gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat)

Luxury Design - Our luxury bed would look great in any home

Over-feeding our pets has become a common practice, leading to the prevalence of obesity, disease and other health problems that ultimately lead to a shortened life expectancy of our pets. Obesity, diabetes, hair loss, hypertension, pancreatitis, etc.📣

Every responsible pet owner knows that one of the most important things we can do is to take care of our pets to make sure they are eating correctly.
If you are reading this, that's because you really care about your Pet, and are concerned about its health.
Every Pet needs to have a different amount of food to stay in shape. But do you know the right amount to feed him? In all Pet food packages you will find information on the right amount according to each Pet's weight.

One of the ways we make sure our pets are healthy is to use this “smart spoon” to accurately measure the food portion of your pet
as the balance in front of the spoon can lead you to a healthier feeding operation.

Why Choose Us?

We know your Pet is very precious to you. Our products have been designed in association with veterinary experts. This bed is comfortable for your pet to suit all sleeping styles. The center main cushion is reversible so that you can switch between the sides of the cushion.

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