Magic Waterproof Spraying Wax Protection (BUY 1 TAKE 2)

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1. Powerful decontamination, which can effectively remove the aging reaction of the plastic itself over time.
2. Unique cleansing factor, professionally developed for plastic products, deep cleansing, using this product will give you a clean environment as before.
3. The long-lasting high-performance protective coating can protect your car from scratches, birds, stone chips, iron powder and oxidation fading.
4. Easy-release and non-stick coating technology can significantly reduce weathering, accumulation of dust and debris, and keep your car clean and clean longer.
5. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used safely on the inner and outer surfaces of the car and any materials such as fabric, canvas, leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metal, wood, gel, coat, fiberglass, etc.
Name: Refurbishing agent for automotive interior
Specification: 250ml
Packing: 3Pcs 250ml Magic Car Spraying Wax
1. Clean and dry the area to be coated with internal cleaner
2. Pour the refurbishing agent on the sponge
3. Clean and dry the area
4. After absorbing for 1-3 minutes, wipe it with a towel.